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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
IDNS provides a way to perform DNS (Domain Name Server) queries.
IDNS provides a more general interface to the DNS client than the IAddrInfo interface. Alternate request types and compound queries are supported.
To override the default settings, use IDNS_QueryInterface() with AEECLSID_DNSConfig to obtain an IDNSConfig interface.
The DNS client will keep track of DNS servers and handle retransmission and timeouts. IDNS converts domain names to the DNS protocol representation, and provides a method for decoding compressed domain names in the response.
The user is responsible for specifying the content of DNS Question records, locating the data of importance in the response, and interpreting those values.
UDP is the only transport protocol that is supported. Requests and responses are limited to 512 bytes.
The following header file is required:
BREW 3.1 and prior - AEEDNS.h