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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- WidgetExtent - IDrawDecorator Interface - IWidget_SetPreferredExtent() - IDrawDecorator_GetExtent() - IDrawDecorator_SetExtent()
Returns the preferred extent of the draw decorator. The preferred extent is the size that the draw decorator would choose to be under ideal circumstances. For example, let's say a draw decorator wishes to adorn the outside of a bit mapped image by drawing a fancy, ornate gold and gilded frame (think oil paintings by Flemish masters hanging in the upper floors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York). Ideally, this frame would be impressively drawn, as large as possible to distract the viewer from the sameness of yet-another austere portrait of a European nobleman. Here, the preferred extent might be returned as the full dimensions of the screen. Though this is the preferred extent of the object, the draw decorator will automatically size itself, at creation, to be the same extent as the object it wraps. In the above example, that ostentatious, gaudy gold frame will be shrunk to be the exact same size as the bitmap image it wraps. However, when the application calls IDrawDecorator_GetPreferredExtent() the full glorious size of the draw decorator would be returned.
Pointer to the IDrawDecorator object.
Pointer to the WidgetExtent struct that, on output, will contain the preferred extent of the draw decorator.
  •    void IDrawDecorator_GetPreferredExtent(IDrawDecorator *p, WidgetExtent *x);
  • The preferred extent for the draw decorator is returned in 'x'.
Side Effect
  • None
A draw decorator that is not wrapped around a widget (i.e. one without any child widgets) will return an extent of (0, 0).