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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IDrawDecorator_SetWidget() - IDrawDecorator - IWidget
This function retrieves the child widget that is wrapped by the draw decorator, returning this object as a pointer to an IWidget. Once retrieved, an application may use this pointer to directly manipulate the widget wrapped by the draw decorator. For example, calling this function on a tab widget (itself a decorator) would return a pointer to the content widget wrapped by the tab widget.
IDrawDecorator_GetWidget() inherits wholly from IDecorator_GetWidget().
[in] Pointer to the IDrawDecorator object from which the wrapped widget is to be retrieved.
[out] Pointer to an IWidget pointer that will be returned by the function, providing access to the widget that is wrapped by the draw decorator.
  •    void IDrawDecorator_GetWidget(IDrawDecorator *p, IWidget **ppw)
  • A pointer to the widget that is wrapped by the draw decorator is returned in 'ppw'.
Side Effect
  • None
The reference count of the returned widget pointed to by 'ppw' will be incremented. The pointer passed in the 'ppw' parameter is a double-indirection -- i.e. it is a pointer to a pointer. Applications should use care in ensuring that the proper level of indirection is used in calling the function.