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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IDrawDecorator Interface
- IWidget Interface
- IDrawDecorator_GetWidget()
- IDrawDecorator_SetExtent()
- IWidget_SetExtent()
This function wraps the draw decorator around a target widget, and makes the target widget the child of the draw decorator. Once wrapped, the draw decorator may use a custom draw handler to enhance the visual display of the widget. For example, a draw decorator might be created to draw a wavy frame around a widget that displays bitmap images. The application would call IDrawDecorator_SetWidget() specifying both the draw decorator and the bitmap widget to make the decorator/widget binding, then hook a custom "wiggly frame" draw handler to the draw decorator to achieve the visual desired effect.
  • p
    Pointer to the IDrawDecorator object that will be wrapped around the target widget.
  • pw
    Pointer to the target widget that will be managed by the draw decorator, or NULL if the decorator is to be completely detached from any child widgets.
   void IDrawDecorator_SetWidget(IDrawDecorator *p, IWidget *pw)
Side Effect
Calling IDrawDecorator_SetWidget() will set the extent of the draw decorator to be the exact same size as the widget it wraps. Therefore, a draw decorator that intends to decorate the widget "outside the lines" (i.e. a frame or border that draws around the widget), should subsequently call IDrawDecorator_SetExtent() to force the extent of the draw decorator to be greater than that of the child widget. Conversely, the application could call IWidget_SetExtent() to force the extent of the wrapped widget to be smaller than the draw decorator.
The reference count of the target widget 'pw' will be incremented.
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