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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface is used for feeding data to an object.
The IForceFeed interface may be queried from an object with AEEIID_IForceFeed.
Call IForceFeed_Reset() to prepare the object for writing, Then call IForceFeed_Write() to actually write data to the object.
The image decoders are examples of classes that use this interface. (See IImageDecoder.) Classes that export IImageDecoder interface also export IForceFeed to feed encoded data to the decoder.
First, QueryInterface image decoder object for AEEIID_IForceFeed. Next, call IForceFeed_Reset to prepare for writing new stream of encoded data. Use IForceFeed_Write() to feed the encoded data to the decoder object. The data written is considered a continuation of data written with previous calls to this function, since the last call to IForceFeed_Reset().