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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function will retrieve a pointer to the form's progress widget for those specialized forms that have derived from the base form. For example, the progress dialog is a specialized form that derives from dialogs, popups and -- eventually -- back to forms. The progress dialog defines a progress widget -- typically to pop up a quick dialog to illustrate progress for some time consuming operation. Calling IForm_GetProgressWidget() allows an application to access the progress widget that provides this visual feedback. It is important to note that the progress widget is provided in _addition_ to the form's primary widget accessed by the WID_FORM property. Requesting to retrieve the progress widget from a form that is not intended to support a progress indicator will fail with AEE_ECLASSNOTSUPPORT.
[in] Pointer to the IForm interface object.
[out] Pointer to an IWidget pointer, into which the function will return a pointer to the form's progress widget.
  •    int IForm_GetProgressWidget(IForm *p, IWidget **w); 
  • AEE_SUCCESS : If the form was able to successfully retrieve the progress widget. AEE_ECLASSNOTSUPPORT : If the form does not support the use of a progress widget.
    A pointer to the form's progress widget is returned in 'w'.
Side Effect
  • None
The pointer passed in the 'w' parameter is a double-indirection -- i.e. it is a pointer to a pointer. Applications should use care in ensuring that the proper level of indirection is used in calling the function.