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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function updates a form's progress widget, providing that widget with a new value reflective of the current progress of some application defined operation -- dependent on how a given form has chosen to implement "progress". The progress dialog, for example, tracks progress as "percent complete" and displays a progress widget that reflects this percentage as a filled rectangle -- the more percent complete, the more the rectangle is filled. Other forms may choose to reflect progress differently. For example, a form that wishes to show non-deterministic progress may wish to show some perpetual animation not meant to indicate when this animation might complete.
[in] Pointer to the IForm interface object.
[in] Specifies the "percent complete" of the operation for which the form is indicating progress.
  •    int IForm_SetProgress(IForm *pif, int8 percent)
  • AEE_SUCCESS : If the form contains a progress widget and is able to accept progress update events. AEE_EFAILED : If the form does not contain a progress widget or is not able to accept progress update events.
Side Effect
  • Calling IForm_SetProgress() will send an EVT_WDG_SETPROPERTY event to the form with the FID_PROGRESS property being used as a mechanism to trigger the form to update its progress widget. Though the FID_PROGRESS property is being "set", this property does not actually contain any value.