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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IForm IForm_GetProperty() Widget Events
This function sets the value of a specific property for the given form. Forms may possess any number of form properties, as defined in AEEIForm.h, and may additionally support widget properties defined in AEEWidgetProperties.h. Form properties include visual characteristics of the form such as the current activation state, theme, and background image.
  • pif
    [in] Pointer to the IForm interface object.
  • propId
    [in] Identifies the property whose value is to be set.
  • val
    [in] The new value for the widget's or form's 'propId' property, expressed as a 32-bit unsigned integer.
   int IForm_SetProperty(IForm *pif, uint16 propId, uint32 val); 
AEE_SUCCESS : If the form is able to set the requested property. AEE_EFAILED : If the property could not be set.
Side Effect
Calling IForm_SetProperty() has the same effect as processing an EVT_WDG_SETPROPERTY event.
Not all properties set a stored value in the specified form. Several form properties (FID_TEXT, FID_PROGRESS, etc) are used as triggers to invoke a specific form behavior and do NOT store any retrievable value in the indicated property.
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