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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IGridContainer Interface IWidget Interface IGridContainer_Insert()
This function allows an application to remove a widget from the grid container's widget stack. The widget to be removed may be specified explicitly, by its widget pointer, or implicitly by a constant that identifies the widget's relative position within the container's widget stack.
  • pif
    A pointer to an IGridContainer object.
  • pw
    Identifies the widget that should be removed from the grid container's widget stack. This widget may be expressed explicitly as a widget pointer, or implicitly as a constant that identifies a relative position within the widget stack, as
   int IGridContainer_Remove(IGridContainer* pif, IWidget* pw)
   AEE_SUCCESS   --  The widget was successfully removed from the grid container's widget
   AEE_EBADPARM  --  The widget pointer passed in 'pw' either does not exist, or refers to a widget
                     that is not in the grid container's widget stack.

Side Effect
Calling IGridContainer_Remove() will cause the grid container to do its layout again. The removed widget will not leave a space, but rather the remaining widgets will move closer to the top left of grid container to fill the removed widget's position. It will not in any case leave an empty cell where the removed widget was.
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