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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
IHash is an interface to cryptographic hashes. MD5, MD2 and SHA1 are available with this interface. With this interface the internal context used by the hash function is allocated with the instance. There is no need to allocate it. This interface has been deprecated. See IHashCtx for the current interface for hashes.
This interface also supports HMAC as specified by RFC 2104. HMAC is supported for MD5, MD2, and SHA1. When using HMAC you must call IHASH_SetKey().
Which hash functions is provided depends on the class ID passed to ISHELL_CreateInstance() to instantiate the interface. The following are supported:
Create the object
If using HMAC - set the key
Call IHASH_Update (multiple times if required) to process the data to hash
Call IHASH_GetResult to get the hash value
If using the same hash object on new data, call IHASH_Reset before repeating this process.
This interface is deprecated. Refer to the IHashCtx interface instead.