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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IHFont - IWidget_SetProperty() - IHFont_SetFontClass()
This function is used to tell the IHFont class the IFont object to use to draw its text with. The IHFont outline will use this IFont object to render characters and apply the glow effect to them.
The outlined/glow effect implementation of IHFont doesn't know how to draw characters. Instead, it uses an IFont object the caller specifies to render characters to screen. It then applies the glow effect to them. Application may use this routine to add a glow effect to an existing IFont object if they have one handy.
For example, if an application is creating IFont objects itself, it may use this routine to create an IHFont object that adds a glow effect to an IFont object it already has around.
Pointer to the IHFont object.
Pointer to the IFont to be wrapped with a glow effect.
  •    int IHFont_SetFont(IHFont *po, IFont *piFont);
  •    AEE_SUCCESS - if the IHFont could be set to used the specified IFont
       AEE_EFAILED - if an error occurred
Side Effect
  • None.
Calling this routine is equivalent to calling IHFont_SetProperty() with PROP_FONT. Instead of creating an IFont object itself, applications may pass the class id of the desired IFont to be used to IHFont_SetFontClass() and allow IHFont to create the class internally.