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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IHFont - IWidget_SetProperty() - IHFont_SetFont()
This function is used to tell the IHFont class which font class to use to draw its text with.
The outlined/glow effect implementation of IHFont doesn't know how to draw characters. Instead, it uses an IFont object that the caller specifies to render characters to screen. It then applies a glow effect to them. Applications may use this routine to specify which font is used to draw the characters the glow effect is applied to.
For example, an application might call this routine and specify AEE_FONT_BOLD to set up an IHFont that renders the device's standard bold font with an outline. Or if the application knows the actual class id of the font it wishes to apply a glow effect to, it would call this routine with the specific class ID of the IFont.
Pointer to the IHFont object.
Class id of the IFont to be wrapped with a glow effect.
  •    int IHFont_SetFontClass(IHFont *po, AEECLSID clsId);
  •    AEE_SUCCESS - if IHFont was able to create the specifed font.
       AEE_EFAILED - if an error occurred creating the font.
Side Effect
  • None.
Calling this routine is equivalent to calling IHFONT_SetProperty() with PROP_FONT_CLASS. Applications may use IHFONT_SetFont() to specify the font used to do the actual glyph rendering if they have an IFont * to it handy. If not, this routine provides a convenient way to allow the IHFont object to create the IFont object itself from the specified class id.