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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Note that this interface has been deprecated. Refer to the IWidget interface and the AEECLSID_HTMLWidget class instead.
The IHtmlViewer interface allows the application to control an HTML viewer object. Brew MP provides an HTML viewer that supports a subset of HTML version 3.2. The viewer is not an application, but an object to be invoked by a host application. It processes an HTML document, displays its visual representation on the screen, and allows a user to interact with the document: scrolling, taking links, and entering data into form fields.
The HTML viewer does not involve itself with network access in any way. User actions that follow a link or submit a form results in notifications being sent to the host application.
The HTML viewer in the current version of Brew MP has been designed to enable developers to add a degree of flexibility to application interfaces and to simplify application development. The feature set is focused on enabling flexible integration with applications. Its HTML formatting features and its ability to deal with malformed content are limited. HTML presented to the viewer should be properly constructed, with start and end tags for nonempty elements and no mismatched end tags. As a result, HTML that is tested with the particular application is advised, and it is not intended to support for arbitrary content (as obtained from various web sites).
Notable HTML features supported include: - Hypertext links
- Simple HTML FORM support: text input, lists, submit buttons, check
boxes, and radio buttons - Inline images and plug-ins
- Horizontal alignments: left, center, and right
- Bold text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_BOLD font, as described in the AEEFont topic)
- Large text (displayed using the AEE_FONT_LARGE font)
- Text colors

Notable HTML features that are not supported in the current version of Brew MP include: - Java applets
- Scripting
- Background colors
- Cascading Style Sheets
- Unicode character references

Note@@@/b>: @@@i>The IHTMLViewer interface is being phased out. The HTML Widget (described in the AEECLSID_HTMLWidget topic) is another choice for a user interface element that provides HTML display facilities to the widget framework.