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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IModel - AEECLSID_HTMLWidget - IWidget_GetViewModel - IModel_QueryInterface - Listener_SetListenerInfo - IHTMLViewModel_AddListener - Listener_Cancel
IHTMLViewModel is inherited from the IModel interface and is used to input data into a document viewer such as the HTML widget. This model only contains applet side methods (for inputting data), the widget to model interface is undefined and uses private methods for data access.
- The user can get the html view model pointer by calling the following apis:
IWidget_GetViewModel() from the html widget IModel_QueryInterface() with AEEID_HTMLVIEWMODEL on the previously attained pointer. - To add a listener for HTML Widget can call the following:
Listener_SetListenerInfo() with the listener function IHTMLViewModel_AddListener() to add the previously created listener. Remember to cancel the listener with: Listener_Cancel() - The listener function can be set up to catch events such as: EVT_HVM_DONE,