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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
ILua_PCall(), ILuaEx_PushCFunction(), ILuaEx_PushCClosure()
Calls a Lua function. The function must be pushed first onto the stack, followed by the nNumArgs arguments in direct order, with the last argument at the top. The function and arguments are popped when the function is called, after which, nNumResults results are pushed on the stack when the function returns.
pif []: a pointer to the ILuaEx object nNumArgs []: the number of arguments on the stack atop the function nNumResults []: the number of results to push after the function is called, or ILua_MULTRET if all results are to be returned.
Default Interface Name
  •    void ILuaEx_Call(ILuaEx *pif, int nNumArgs, int nNumResults)
Side Effect
  • Any error that occurs within the function will be propagated upwards.