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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
ILuaEx_PushString() ILuaEx_ToLString(), ILuaEx_ToString()
Checks whether the given function argument is a valid string.
Prototypes: const char *ILuaEx_CheckLString(ILuaEx *pif, int nIndex, int *pnLen)
static __inline const char * ILuaEx_CheckString(ILuaEx *pif, int nIndex) { return ILuaEx_CheckLString(pif, nIndex, NULL); }
  • pif
    a pointer to the ILuaEx object
  • nIndex
    the number of the argument to check. Note this should be a positive-valued number, as the error message will only print out the error based on function arguments.
  • pnLen
    an optional pointer to an integer that will on output be set to the number of characters in the string
A pointer to the start of the string, which will not be NULL.
Side Effect
If the argument is not a string, it will throw an error.
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