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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IMedia Interface - IModel Interface - IFrameModel Interface - AEECLSID_FrameWidget

IMediaFrameModel is derived from IFrameModel and provides image frames from a video. The video is managed by an IMedia object and wrapped by the media frame model. Frame changes are sent to listeners, usually frame widgets.
The media frame model generates the following events:
Event                        Description
-----                        ---------------------------------------------------
EVT_FRAMEMDL_FRAME:          The current frame has changed.
EVT_FRAMEMDL_MEDIACHANGED:   The IMedia object has changed. 

To create a media frame model, an application would do the following:
   1. Create an instance of the FrameWidget using AEECLSID_FrameWidget.
   2. Create an instance of the IMediaUtil object using AEECLSID_MEDIAUTIL.
   3. Create an instance of the IMedia interface and load the video file using IMEDIAUTIL_CreateMedia.
   4. Create an instance of the MediaFrameModel using AEECLSID_MediaFrameModel.
   5. Set the IMedia instance on the MediaFrameModel using IMEDIAFRAMEMODEL_SetIMedia.
   6. Set the model on the frame widget using IWIDGET_SetModel.
   7. Start video using IMEDIA_Play.
The IMedia object must load the video file before calling IMEDIAFRAMEMODEL_SetIMedia. Also the video file must reside in a folder called "media" located in the app directory.