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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface provides API to control, configure and monitor a Brew MP applet's data network. It replaces the functionalities of INetMgr, INetUtils and IAddrInfo.
INetwork includes the following methods...
INetwork_SelectNetworkEx() selects the network type (CDMA, UMTS, etc.) and the address family (IPv4, IPv6) for the INetwork object.
INetwork_Start() and INetwork_AddRetryCB() are used for explicitly starting (opening) a network connection. These APIs constitute together the means for controlling "Network Start Transaction". Usually application will not need to use these functions but rather will directly use a network resource such as socket which will implicitly start the network.
INetwork_GetMyIPAddrs() returns the device’s own IP address(es).
INetwork_NetStatus() returns the current status (opening, open, closing, or closed) of the device’s network connection and some statistics on the current performance of the network subsystem.
INetwork_SetLinger() sets the linger time of the network connection. This is the amount of time that the BREW AEE waits to terminate the network connection after it is not needed anymore (the device’s last socket is closed, etc.). The default value is 30 seconds.
INetwork_SetDormancyTimeout() sets the dormancy timeout of the network connection. This is the amount of inactivity time that the device waits to bring the network connection into dormant state . The default value is 30 seconds.
INetwork_SetOpt() and INetwork_GetOpt() are used for setting/getting certain network options.
INetwork_OnEvent() is used to register the application for receiving network events. This function is also used to cancel the registration.
INetwork_GetLastNetDownReason() returns the last network down reason. Typically called by the application when the data network is CLOSED.
INetwork_IsQoSAware() returns whether or not the current system is CDMA/WLAN QoS Aware system.
INetwork_GetSupportedQoSProfiles() returns the current QoS Profiles supported by the network
INetwork_GetSipServerAddr() returns the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server IP addresses for this network.
INetwork_GetSipServerDomainNames() returns the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server Domain Names for this network.
INetwork_GetBearerTechnology() returns the bearer technology type for this network.
INetwork_GetBearerTechnologyOpts() returns the bearer technology options for this network.
INetwork_GenerateIPv6PrivAddr() requests to generate a private IPv6 address.
INetwork_GetIPv6PrivAddrInfo() returns the information regarding the IPv6 private address.
INetwork_GetOutageInfo() returns the information associated with the latest outage event associated with this data network.
INetwork_GetIPv6PrefixInfo() returns the information regarding an IPv6 Prefix corresponding to a given address.
After creating an INetwork instance, the user should call INetwork_SelectNetworkEx() to select the data network (unless the default network is to be used) to work with. See the documentation of INetwork_SelectNetworkEx() for additional information regarding network selection.
The following header file is required:
BREW 4.0 and Brew MP - AEEINetwork.h
BREW 3.1 and prior - AEENetwork.h