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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Error Codes INetwork INetwork_AddRetryCB
This function is used to explicitly bring up a network connection. Usually applications will not need to use this function since network bringup shall be carried out implicitly when using a network resource such as socket.
A transaction of bringing up the network connection is an asynchronous operation and so an AEE_NET_WOULDBLOCK may be returned. In that case, INetwork_Start() should be called again to obtain the final result (error or success). For notification of when to call INetwork_Start() again, the client should register a callback through INetwork_AddRetryCB(). Note that when the client's callback is resumed, it is not guaranteed that a subsequent call to INetwork_Start() will complete, so the client must be prepared to receive AEE_NET_WOULDBLOCK again.
The client application must not initiate more than one "Network bring up" transactions simultaneously. If the client application requires more than one "Network bring up" transactions simultaneously it may use several INetwork instances, one per transaction.
the interface pointer.
  •    int INetwork_Start(INetwork *me);
  • AEE_SUCCESS: network connection successfully brought up. AEE_NET_WOULDBLOCK: operation cannot be completed right now; use INetwork_AddRetryCB() to try again later. AEE_ENOMEMORY: out of memory. AEE_NET_ENETNONET: network is not available. Other error code : as appropriate.
Side Effect
  • None.