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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IPopupMenu - IMenuModel - IMenuModel_Add - IMenuModel_SetPfnFree
This function will retrieve a pointer to the menu model that is attached to the popup widget, returning that pointer in the pointer pointed to by the 'ppiMenuModel' parameter.
Pointer to an IPopupMenu object.
Pointer to an IMenuModel pointer, into which the function will return a pointer to the menu model that is attached to the popup menu.

  •    int IPopupMenu_GetMenuModel(IPopupMenu *pif, IMenuModel **ppiMenuModel);
       AEE_SUCCESS - If a pointer to the menu model is successfully retrieved.
       AEE_EFAILED - If a pointer to the menu model could not be retrieved.

    A pointer to the attached menu model is returned in 'ppiMenuModel'.
Side Effect
  • Calling IPopupMenu_GetMenuModel() effectively queries the popup menu form to retrieve the FID_MENUMODEL property.
The pointer passed in the 'ppiMenuModel' parameter is a double-indirection -- i.e. it is a pointer to a pointer. Applications should use care in ensuring that the proper level of indirection is used in calling the function. If an application is using this property to add popup menu items (such as via IMenuModel_Add()), the application should also set its own free function for the model, via IMenuModel_SetPfnFree(). By default popup menu frees menu item data upon destruction or item removal.