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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IPopupMenu Interface IPopupMenu_GetMenuModel()
This function adds a new item to a popup menu, loading the text from a string resource and identifying the menu
  • pif
    Pointer to an IPopupMenu object.
  • psz
    Identifies the name of the resource file that contains the string resource to be used as the menu item text.
  • tr
    Identifies the resource that contains the string to be used as the menu item text.
  • c
    Specifies the command ID to be assigned to the new menu item.
  • f
    Bit flags identifying special characteristics for the new menu item. The popup menu recognizes the following
   int IPopupMenu_LoadMenuItem(IPopupMenu *pif, const char *psz, uint16 tr, uint16 c, uint16 f)
   AEE_SUCCESS            --  The menu item was successfully added to the popup menu
   AEE_ENOMEMORY          --  The memory required to accommodate the new menu item could not be allocated.
   AEE_ERESOURCENOTFOUND  --  The resource identified by 'idResText' does not exist in the specified
                              resource file.

Side Effect
Popup menu also takes responsibility for freeing data associated with the loaded menu items, so it is not recommended to manually manipulate the menu model if using this API.
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