API Reference


Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This function sets the menu item flags for one or all of the menu items in a popup menu. The caller can identify either a specific menu item by passing that item's ID in the 'idCmd' parameter, or the caller may indicate all of the menu items by passing MENUITEM_ALL for 'idCmd'.
  • pif
    Pointer to an IPopupMenu object.
  • c
    Specifies the command ID to of the menu item whose flags are to changed.
  • f
    Bit flags identifying special characteristics for the new menu item. The popup menu recognizes the following flags MMF_SUBMENU - The menu item is a submenu MMF_SEPARATOR - The menu item should be drawn with a menu separator beneath the text MMF_ENABLED - This menu item is currently enabled for selection
  • b
    Boolean indicating whether the specified 'flags' should be set (TRUE) or cleared (FALSE).

   int IPopupMenu_SetMenuItemFlags(IPopupMenu *pif, uint16 c, uint16 f, boolean b);
   AEE_SUCCESS   --  The menu item flags were successfully changed.
   AEE_EBADPARM  --  The menu command ID passed in 'idCmd' does not exist.

Side Effect
Changing the menu item flags will cause a ListModelEvent specifying an EVT_MDL_LIST_CHANGE event to be sent to any objects listening to the popup menu's menu model.
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