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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- IPropContainer Interface - IWidget Interface - ICONTAINER_Invalidate() - IWIDGET_Invalidate()
This function will invalidate all or part of a widget within a prop container. The application identifies the container and widget, and may also specify a rectangle within that widget in order to invalidate a portion of the widget. By default, the entire extent of the widget will be invalidated.
Pointer to the IPropContainer interface object that serves as the parent to the widget to invalidate.
Pointer to the IWidget object to be invalidated, or a constant that implies a particular widget within the prop container. The constants used to identify a relative position for the widget to be invalidated, are defined as follows. WIDGET_ZTOPMOST - Requests that the widget at the top of the container's widget stack should be invalidated. WIDGET_ZBOTTOMMOST - Requests that the widget at the bottom of the container's widget stack should be invalidated. WIDGET_ZNORMAL - Requests that the widget placed at the container's most normal layout location be invalidated. The base container treats the WIDGET_ZTOPMOST position as the "normal" location.
Pointer to the rectangle that defines the area to be invalidated. This rectangle is expressed relative to the coordinates of the specified widget. When this parameter is NULL, the interface will use the full extent of the 'pw' widget as the invalidation rectangle.
A set of flags that control the calculation of the invalidation rectangle. The defined validation flags
  •    void IPropContainer_Invalidate(IPropContainer *p, IWidget *pw, const AEERect *prc, uint32 f)
  • None
Side Effect
  • Calling IPropContainer_Invalidate() with the ICIF_EXTENT flag on will cause the layout of the objects within the prop container to change, using the widget's new extent.
Calling IPropContainer_Invalidate() will trigger the invalidation to travel up through the container's hierarchy, first to its parent, then to its parent, etc. so that the invalidation rectangle may be applied to each object in the chain. Callers should set the ICIF_EXTENT flag of the 'f' parameter when calling the function following a change to the widget's extent.