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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function queries an interface for an alternate interface that may provide extended functionality or a proprietary extension. If successful, the function will return a pointer to the requested interface in the memory location pointed to by the 'd' parameter. The requested interface is identified by a globally unique ID passed to the function in the 'c' parameter.
  • pif
    Pointer to the IPropContainer interface object.
  • id
    A globally unique id that identifies the interface to be queried.
  • ppif
    Pointer to a pointer returned by the function to reference the interface requested by the 'c' parameter. If the queried item is not available, this pointer is returned as NULL.
   int IPropContainer_QueryInterface(IPropContainer* pif, AEECLSID id, void** ppif)
   int IPropContainer_QueryInterface(IPropContainer *p, AEECLSID c, void **d)
   AEE_SUCCESS          - The requested interface was found and has been returned in the 'd'
   AEE_ECLASSNOTSUPPORT - The requested interface is not supported.
Side Effect
Upon successful retrieval of an interface pointer, that interface is returned with its reference count incremented. The caller is responsible for releasing this object at some point in the future.
The pointer passed in the 'd' parameter is a double-indirection -- i.e. it is a pointer to a pointer. Applications should use care in ensuring that the proper level of indirection is used in calling the function.
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