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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IPubKeyUtil defines an abstract key parsing and serialization interface. In addition to this it also defines function to add and mapping OID's to actual implementation class. (OIDs are "Object Identifiers" from ASN.1. They are commonly used to identify algorithms in security protocols)
Key parsing algorithms can be provided by implementation classes using this interface. A good example of this is parsing ASN1 encoded keys. Each implementation class can choose specific set of key types to parse and serialize. During parsing, interface takes in a key structure and depending upon the key type specified by user, tries to parse this structure and stores the parsed data using SetParam on destination object with an IParameters1 interface. Each implementation shall also include a Param ID file which defines the ID's of stored parameters. For inter-operability,this should be the same ID file as used by PubKey engine or other related interfaces that need to retrieve these parameters.
OID mapping can be implemented using this interface by adding OID mappings and retrieving them back. OID's are used as primary keys i.e. not more than one entry can be present against one OID.