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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function is used in order to suspend a granted QoS Session. Once the application received the AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_DEACTIVATE_EV event, and until the QoS is reactivated, the application is no longer able to send data using this QoS instance. Any attempts to transmit data on a deactivated QoS Session instance will result in activating the instance but in the mean time data will be routed to the default flow bearing no QoS guarantees.
The request to deactivate a QoS Session instance can be performed only on a QoS Session instance which was previously opened by IQoSSession_Open() and was not yet closed.
The QoS Sessions which is requested to be suspended must be in a state which enables suspension, otherwise the operation will fail.
Note that a return value of AEE_SUCCESS indicates that the request was successfully issued but it doesn't indicate that QoS is already inactive. After IQoSSession_Deactivate() returns AEE_SUCCESS, the client should listen (see IQoSSession_AddListener()) for QoS events and wait for a QoS event which indicates suspension of the QoS link (AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_DEACTIVATE_EV). Receiving this event indicates that QoS is now deactivated.
pointer the QoS Session interface to be deactivated.
  •    int IQoSSession_Deactivate(IQoSSession* po);
  • AEE_SUCCESS: the request was successfully issued. This doesn't indicate that the QoS Session is already suspended.
    AEE_EBADSTATE: QoSSession state is not suitable for this operation.
    AEE_NET_EQOSUNAWARE: the current network is QoS Unaware System (does not support QoS). This is relevant for CDMA and WLAN networks.

    AEE_NET_EOPNOTSUPP: operation is not supported.
    Other error codes are also possible.
Side Effect
  • None.
IQoSSession_Deactivate() is not supported on UMTS networks.