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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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IQoSSession_SetDormancyTimeout() IQoSSession_Deactivate()
This function is used in order to activate the QoS link (from dormant mode). Once the application received the AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_EV or AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_MODIFIED_EV events, it is again able to transmit data over the specific QoS instance.
The request to activate a QoS Session instance can be performed only on a QoS Session instance which was previously opened by IQoSSession_Open() and was not yet closed.
Note that a return value of AEE_SUCCESS indicates that the request was successfully issued but it doesn't indicate that QoS is already active. After IQoSSession_GoActive() returns AEE_SUCCESS, the client should listen (see IQoSSession_AddListener()) for QoS events and wait for a QoS event which indicates activation of the QoS link (AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_EV or AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_MODIFIED_EV). Receiving one of these events indicates that QoS is now active.
This function should be called only after QoS was granted. i.e. after receiving a QoS event which indicates success (AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_EV or AEE_QOS_AVAILABLE_MODIFIED_EV).
This function should not be called when the QoS link is active.
pointer the IQoSSession instance to be activated.
  •    int IQoSSession_GoActive(IQoSSession *po);
  • AEE_SUCCESS: the request was successfully issued. This doesn't indicate that the QoS Session is already activated.
    AEE_EBADSTATE: QoSSession state is not suitable for this operation.
    AEE_NET_EINVAL: an invalid QoS Session pointer is passed.
    AEE_NET_EQOSUNAWARE: the current network is QoS Unaware System (does not support QoS). This is relevant for CDMA and WLAN networks.
    Other error codes are also possible.
Side Effect
  • None.