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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This interface represents a complete QoS specification. It is used for specifying the flow spec and filter spec for each direction on which QOS is requested.
QoS specification is composed of four lists of specs: - List of Rx Flow spec
- List of Tx Flow spec
- List of Rx Filter spec
- List of Tx Filter spec

The two lists of flow specs contain IQoSFlow objects and specify the treatment required for an IP flow for the Rx direction and for the Tx direction respectively. The order of IQoSFlow objects in these lists is significant. The first object is the requested / most suitable flow for the client while the last object is the minimum required flow by the client. All other objects are auxiliary flows in decreasing order of desirability in between the requested flow and the minimum required flow. If only one object exists in the list,it is handled as the requested flow. In any case where more than a single object exists in the list, in order to specify that no minimum flow is required, the last object of the list must be set to an empty flow. (an empty flow is a flow with no QoS options. see AEEQoSFlow.h). Any Rx/Tx Flow list must contain at least one IQoSFlow object.
The two lists of filter specs contain IQoSFilter objects and specify the IP flow itself for the Rx direction and for the Tx direction. The order of IQoSFilter objects in these lists is not significant. Any Rx/Tx Flow list must contain at least one IQoSFlow object.
IQoSSpec provides Set and Get accessors to each one of the above four lists.
IQoSSpec object is created empty. When setting any of the spec lists (through the Set methods), IQoSSpec doesn't copy the given list but rather stores a reference to it. The given IQoSList object replaces the stored one and IQoSSpec takes responsibility of it. This means that the stored IQoSList is Release()'d and the given IQoSList is AddRef()'d.
The following header file is required:
BREW 4.0 - AEEIQoSSpec.h BREW 3.1 - AEEQoSSpec.h