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Brew MP 1.0.2

IRawBlockCipher is primarily intended as an interface by which implementors of ciphers, block ciphers in particular, make their implementation available. A caller or user of ciphers should use ICipher1 and ICipherFactory, and not call IRawBlockCipher directly.
An IRawBlockCipher provides the interface used by ICipherFactory and ICipherWrapper to create a complete cipher implementation.
The following header file is required:
By implementing the IRawBlockCipher, the implementor can leave the buffering and padding to the ICipherWrapper and can implement just a subset of the chaining modes. The ICipherFactory will query the cipher and attach the necessary ICipherWrapper to complete the implementation.
An implementation of IRawBlockCipher does not have to support any chaining modes or padding except for ECB mode which basically a degenerate mode that does no chaining or padding. When the chaining mode parameter is fetched via GetParam, it should say it supports ECB mode. It may support other modes too.