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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IResFile IResFile_GetNamed()

Gets a named resource from a resource file. Names for a resource can be given as a variable set of, null terminated, string arguments. Each string specifies one or more levels in the naming tree. A simple string without '.' characters specifies a single level in the naming tree where as a dot separated set of names in a string specify a series of names in the naming tree.
  • pif
    [in] A pointer to an IResFile object
  • restype
    [in] Type of the resource to be loaded
  • pfuf
    [out] Pointer to a buffer where the resource data is to be loaded into
  • plen
    [out] Pointer to where the size of the loaded resource can be stored
  • args
    [in] Variable argument list containing the names for the resources

   int IResFile_GetNamedV(IResFile *pif, uint16 restype, void *pbuf, uint32 *plen, va_list *args);
   AEE_SUCCESS:       Named resource was found and loaded
   AEE_EBADSTATE:     Resource file is not open 
   AEE_EUNSUPPORTED:  Resource file does not support named resources
   AEE_EUNABLETOLOAD: Named resource could not be resolved or loaded
Side Effect
Refer to IResFile_GetNamed for a simplified version of this function without using the varg parameter.
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