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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This function retrieves a pointer to the root form's container and the client rectangle. The client rectangle defines the area available to clients of the root form for creating and managing their own content. Generally, this area is the extent of the root form's container, minus the area reserved for the title and softkey widgets. The function can be used to selectively retrieve the root container or the client rectangle, by passing NULL for either the IXYContainer or AEERect pointers.
  • pif
    [in] A pointer to an IRootForm object.
  • c
    [out] Pointer to an IXYContainer pointer, into which the function will return a pointer to the root container of the root form. When 'c' is NULL the root container will not be retrieved.
  • r
    [out] Pointer to an AEERect, into which the function will return the rectangle occupied by the root form's client area. When 'r' is NULL the client rectangle will not be retrieved.

   void IRootForm_GetClientRect(IRootForm *pif, IXYContainer **c, AEERect *r);
A pointer to the root form's container is returned in 'c', while the client rectangle is returned in 'r'.
Side Effect
Retrieving the root container will increment the reference count of the root container object.
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