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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function is inherited from IHandler_HandleEvent().
This function receives and handles events passed to the root form from its owner. The root form processes events in three passes. In the first pass the event will be passed to the root form's form widget -- the root container for every form managed by the root form. This pass gives the common user interface elements such as the title, background and softkey widgets an opportunity to process the event. If the event is not processed by the root container, the root form will attempt to process any property events specifically related to the root form. For example, the root form is responsible for returning the title widget when asked to retrieve the WID_TITLE property. These properties also include those that manage form activation and theme usage. Events not handled during the first or second pass will then be handed off to the top form in the root form's form stack.
  • pif
    A pointer to an IRootForm object.
  • e
    The event code being sent to the IRootForm object.
  • w
    16-bit event-specific parameter.
  • d
    32-bit event-specific parameter.

   boolean IRootForm_HandleEvent(IRootForm *pif, AEEEvent e, uint16 w, uint32 d);
   TRUE  - If the event was handled by the object.
   FALSE - If the event was not handled.
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