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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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AEEEvent Events IShell ISHELL_PostEvent ISHELL_SendEvent
This function posts an asynchronous event to the specified applet. This function is very similar to ISHELL_PostEvent(). The main difference is that this function allows multiple events of the same type (i.e., the same event code) to be posted and pending to be dispatched for the same applet. Private events can be sent to an applet by defining the event at or above EVT_USER and specifying the applet class. An error is returned if events in the range of EVT_USER and above are sent without an associated class ID.
Pointer to the IShell object.
Flags to specify how the event must be posted. If no flags are used, this parameter is set to 0. The typical usage is to set this value to 0. The supported flag is EVTFLG_UNIQUE, which indicates that only one of this event type can be pending at any time. If this flag is set, there cannot be multiple events of the same event codepending for an applet. To allow posting of multiple events of the same event code, this flag must not be set. Setting this flag causes this function to work just like ISHELL_PostEvent().
Class of the applet for the event. This parameter is required for events in the range of EVT_USER and above. This must denote an applet. It cannot be an ordinary class.
Event type (EVT_XXXX).
Event-specific, 16-bit value.
Event-specific, 32-bit value.
  •     boolean ISHELL_PostEventEx(
        IShell * pIShell,
        uint16 wFlags,
        AEECLSID clsApp,
        AEEEvent evt,
        uint16 wp,
        uint32 dwp
  • TRUE : if the event was posted. The return status only indicates whether the event was successfully placed in the queue. It does not indicate whether the event was successfully sent to the receiving classID. If the clsID specified here does not belong to an applet, this function may still return TRUE, but the actual sending of the event will fail when the event is popped out of the queue and an attempt is made to send to the given classID.
    FALSE : if the event was not posted.
Side Effect
  • None
On application closure after delivery of EVT_APP_STOP, events pending for posting to the application are canceled, and thus such events are not delivered to the application.