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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Events IShell ISHELL_PostEvent
This function posts an asynchronous event, EVT_APP_POST_URL, to the applet associated with the URL's scheme. The associated applet is the applet which is declared as a handler for the URL's scheme MIME type. Brew MP will make a copy of the URL before passing it to the application handling the event. Unlike ISHELL_BrowseURL, this function will not cause the applet to become top-visible. This function works similar to ISHELL_PostEvent(). This means:

- If the application is already loaded, the event EVT_APP_POST_URL
will be sent to it. - If the application is not currently loaded, the applet will be loaded
and the event EVT_APP_POST_URL will be sent to it. The application will not be automatically made top-visible. On receiving this event, if the applet desires to become top-visible, it needs to call ISHELL_StartApplet() on itself. On receiving this event, if the applet desires to stay in the background even after handling this event, it needs to call ISHELL_StartBackgroundApplet on itself.
Pointer to the IShell object.
Pointer to the URL.
  • boolean ISHELL_PostURL(IShell *po, const char * pszURL);
  • TRUE : if the event was posted. The return status only indicates whether the event was successfully placed in the queue. It does not indicate that the event was successfully sent to the receiving applet. FALSE : if the event was not posted.
Side Effect
  • None