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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Performs a passive open for connections, such that incoming connections may be subsequently accepted.
The socket must be a TCP socket that has been bound to a local address. The nMaxBacklog parameter indicates the maximum length for the queue of pending connections. If nMaxBacklog is larger than the system maximum, it will be silently reduced to the system maximum.
  • po
    pointer to the ISockPort interface
  • nMaxBacklog
    the maximum number of pending connections
   int ISockPort_Listen(ISockPort* po, int nBacklog)
AEE_SUCCESS: socket has been successfully placed into listening mode IPORT_WAIT: (AEE_AF_INET and AEE_AF_INET6 only) The operation cannot be completed at present. This can occur when a network connection is being established (see ISockPort_Writeable()). AEE_NET_EBADF : socket is not open AEE_NET_EOPNOTSUPP : The socket is not capable of listening (UDP) AEE_NET_EFAULT : backlog parameter is invalid AEE_NET_ENETNONET : network subsystem unavailable for some unknown reason AEE_NET_ENETINPROGRESS : network subsystem establishment currently in progress AEE_NET_ENETCLOSEINPROGRESS: network subsystem close in progress. AEE_NET_EINVAL : Socket is not bound, or already listening AEE_NET_EISCONN : socket is connected AEE_NET_ENOMEM : out of memory
Other error codes are also possible.
Side Effect
Note that the IPORT_WAIT return value is used instead of an error return value and an AEE_NET_EWOULDBLOCK error code.
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