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Brew MP 1.0.2

This interface provides SSL/TLS security for a network connection. This interface inherits from IWebOpts. It uses either ISocket or IPort in the interface. Note that this functionality is available combined with HTTP to form HTTPS in the IWeb interface. The web opts described here and in IX509Chain do apply to https.
The WebOpts are passed all the way down through IWeb to the ISSL or IX509Chain used for the https transaction. Also, the WebOpts that give the results of an SSL negotiation performed as part of an HTTPS connection are available. These are available as options in the IWebResp object returned when the web transaction completes. For example you can get the security level. You can also request the whole IX509Chain object be returned if you wish to examine the cert chain.
Generally, to use https, you should create an IWeb, add an opt or opts for root certs, add an opt for the hostname, and give a URL with the scheme "https".
A set of root certs commonly used with SSL is available via the AEECLSID_SSLRootCerts class. This can be passed to IWeb or ISSL as a WebOpt of type WEBOPT_DEFAULTS.