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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function must be called when using an IPort with ISSL. It provides the port that is open and connected to the SSL server to ISSL. It also takes a pointer to a structure that represents the session connection.
  • pISSL
    The Interface pointer
  • pIPort
    Pointer to open port
  • pSessionId
    Pointer to a user defined structure holding a sessionId. The sessionId is used to identify repeated connections to the same host and port. It can significantly reduce the secure negotiation overhead when connecting to the same host and port. The value of this parameter is typically a pointer to a structure containing 1) the hostname or host ip address, and 2) the host port number. If this pointer is null, ISSL always performs the full negotiation with the server.
  • sessionidLen
    length of structure pointed to by pSessionId.
    void ISSL_SetPort(ISSL *pISSL, IPort *pIPort, void *pSessionId, int sessionIdLen)
Side Effect
The IPort passed in must be open and connected to a server that is ready to start an SSL negotiation. Note that the IPort passed is an object with a vtable. It doesn't have to be a standard BREW IPort, but can instead be an object that implements IPort. By this mechanism ISSL can be used on top of any data stream object.
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