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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This function extracts the formatted text from a raw SMS message. The format of the input parameter is an AEESMSMsg. The typical means to use this function is as follows...
1) When applications register for a text message by using the notification mask NMASK_TAPI_SMS_TS and by specifying the TeleService ID as SMS_TELESERVICE_CMT_95, the application gets notified using the EVT_NOTIFY mechanism.
2) The dwParam to this event is of type AEENotify. The pData inside the AEENotify structure is of type AEESMSMsg.
3) For text messages, this function ITAPI_ExtractSMSText() can be invoked using this AEESMSMsg so as to extract the actual text portion of the message.
4) A recommended way for applications to register for text messages is using the notification mask: NMASK_TAPI_SMS_TEXT.
5) When this mask is used, the pData inside the AEENotify structure received during the notification is already of type AEESMSTextMsg and contains the actual text of the message.
Pointer to the ITAPI interface object.
Pointer to the input AEESMSMsg.
  •  AEESMSTextMsg * ITAPI_ExtractSMSText(ITAPI * pITAPI, const AEESMSMsg * pMsg);
  • NULL : if this function fails.
    If successful, this function returns a pointer to AEESMSTextMsg containing the actual text. This buffer is valid until the next call to ITAPI_ExtractSMSText(), or until the interface is released.
Side Effect
  • None