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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IModel Interface
ITextModel is inherited from the IModel interface and is used to model data that can be represented by BREW AECHAR text strings. For example, a game that plays the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" might choose to model its data entry fields using a text model. As the user enters names of famous people ("Winona Ryder", who was in "Reality Bites", which starred "Ethan Hawke" who was in "Gattaca" which starred "Uma Thurman" who was in "Pulp Fiction" which starred "Samuel L. Jackson" who was in "Jackie Brown", which included a supporting role from "Robert DeNiro" who was in "Sleepers" with KEVIN BACON!), the text model will change to reflect the name of the actor or movie the user has typed.
The interface provides object reference counting mechanisms that allow objects to manage their own memory instances. In addition, the interface provides APIs for registering a listener with a text model, as well as interfaces for manipulating the text represented by the model.
See IModel usage.