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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function retrieves a list of suported timezones. The string returned contains the timezone names in the standard name (tz database name) format. e.g. "America/Los_Angeles,America/New_York,America/Chicago,America/Denver" only these 4 timezone were supported. In practice this is likely to be a fairly large list of timezones depending on the system.
A pointer to the ITimeZone object.
The standard names (tz database names) of all the supported timezones in a comma-separated list.
The number of 'char' elements including the null terminator, that can be stored in 'Names'. Note that this may be greater than the actual length of the input string, but it may not be less. Please see comments below.
On success, the total number of 'char' elements that make up 'Names' plus a null terminator.
  •    AEEResult ITimeZone_GetSupported(ITimeZone* _pif, char* Names, 
                                        int NamesLen, int* NamesLenReq);
  • AEE_SUCCESS: If the supported timezone were retrieved successfully. Error code: indicating the nature of the failure otherwise.
Side Effect
  • None
The caller must provide a valid buffer, 'Names', which can hold up to 'NamesLen' characters (including the null terminator). Note that, however, when 'NamesLen' is 0, 'Names' may be NULL. Upon successful return, 'NamesLenReq' will indicate the number of characters, including the null terminator, which would have been required to store the entire result. If, upon successful return, 'NamesLenReq' is less than or equal to 'NamesLen', then 'Names' contains the entire result; otherwise, 'Names' contains the truncated result (i.e., the first 'NamesLen-1' characters plus a null terminator). On successful return, the returned string 'Names' will always be null terminated.