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Brew MP 1.0.2
An instance of the TMFLoader can be used to initialise a trigplayer instance via a trigplayer meta file (TMF file). TMF files can be produced by hand (they are simply text files) or they can be generated by trigbuilder. A TMF file is responsible for holding all the meta information for one trig; such as the trig name, the paths to the trig's bar files, if observation should be turned on and if tracing should be enabled.
TMF File description: A complete TMF file would look like the following:
trigname: trigbar: full_observation: enable_trace: profile_file:
The TMF settings: "trigname": Is a UTF8 string which will be used as the name of the trig. The trig name will be set via a call to ITRIG_SetName. "trigbar" : Can be any number of these. They are paths to BAR files which will be appended to the list of bar files in the trig. If the path does not start with "fs:/" then the path is considered relative to the directory in which the TMF file is located. "full_observation": Can be either 0 or 1. If set to 0 then VFS observation will be turned off in the trig. If set to 1 then VFS observation will be turned on in the trig. "enable_trace": Can be either 0 or 1. If set to 0 then tracing in trigplayer will be disabled. If set to 1 then tracing in the trigplayer will be enabled. Tracing is enabled by sending the BUILDERCOMMS_CMD_ENABLE_TRACE_WITH_DUMP command to the delegator. "profile_file": Enable profiling support and write profile data to the given output file.
If any of the TMF settings are not provided then the TMFLoader does not attempt to assign defaults.
TMFLoader usage: The common usage of the TMFLoader would be todo the following: CI a TMFLoader Call ITMFLOADER_Init with a path to a TMF file. Call ITMFLOADER_Apply and pass in an instance of trigplayer to which to apply the TMF settings. Release the TMFLoader
  •    Identifier                  Definition
       ----------                  -----------------------------------
       AEECLSID_TMFLOADER:         Identifies the class ID of the TMF Loader