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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ITransition2 Interface
The base ITransitionMgr interface is an abstract interface from which a transition manager implementation should be based. The ITransitionMgr interface is responsible for managing a collection of transition2 objects, resulting in consolidated updates across multiple transitions. This optimizes performance when resulting transition updates occur, such as invalidates and draws with Widget objects.
A transition manager updates all managed transitions via step calls. This will occur when the timer expires if the manager is in active mode, or when it is stepped by another manager. Transitions will be kept in the manager until they notify their completion. A transition that is set to repeat will be reset and kept in the manager. KeepTransitions mode is used when the manager should keep track of transitions that have been completed. Combining this mode with managers and transitions set to repeat allows complex series of transitions to be looped through.
A transition manager is also an ITransition2 object, and it can receive step calls from another manager. Although any manager may be set in active mode, it is recommended that non-critical manager be inserted within the root container's transition manager to maintain performance. A passive manager will simply step through all its internal transitions based on the offset provided by its overarching manager.