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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- ITransitionMgr_Add()
- ITransitionMgr_InsertAt()
- ITransitionMgr_Append()
Appends a transition to the end of a specific transition already in the manager. For example, if a manager contains two transitions, one beginning at time 0 and lasting 1000ms and the second starting at an offset of 500 and lasting 1000ms, calling insert after on the first transition will insert the transition at offset 1000ms, which is when the first transition is scheduled to be finished. In order to properly sequence multiple transitions to create some special effect, it is recommended that all required transitions be added to a manager before it is started or inserted within another active transition manager. Several other functions are available to add transitions at special offsets.
  • po
    Pointer to the ITransitionMgr interface object.
  • piTrans
    Specifies the Transition object to append to.
  • piNewTrans
    Specifies the Transition object being added.
   int ITransitionMgr_InsertAfter(ITransitionMgr* po, ITransition2* piTrans, ITransition2* piNewTrans)
   AEE_SUCCESS           - The manager added the transition successfully.
   ENOMEMORY         - Not enough memory to create the tracking structure
   ERESOURCENOTFOUND - The referenced transition does not exist in the manager.
   AEE_EFAILED           - The manager failed to query the transition
Side Effect
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