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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- ITransitionMgr_Add()
- ITransitionMgr_Insert()
- ITransitionMgr_Append()
- ITransitionMgr_InsertAfter()
Adds a transition to the manager a specified offset in milliseconds. The offset is defined in terms of the manager's current time. Therefore, adding a transition with an offset of "0" within a running manager will queue the transition to be played on the next step. Similarly an offset of "1000" will result in the transition being played 1 second in the future. In order to properly sequence multiple transitions to create some special effect, it is recommended that all required transitions be added to a manager before it is started or inserted within another active transition manager. Several other functions are available to add transitions at special offsets.
  • po
    Pointer to the ITransitionMgr interface object.
  • piTrans
    specifies the Transition object being added.
  • nOffset
    Specifies the starting offset within the transition schedule.
   int ITransitionMgr_InsertAt(ITransitionMgr* po, ITransition2* piTrans, int nOffset)
   AEE_SUCCESS   - The manager added the transition successfully.
   ENOMEMORY - Not enough memory to create the tracking structure
   AEE_EFAILED   - The manager failed to query the transition
Side Effect
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