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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Accepts a triglet into the list of active resource files that define the Trig. The supplied path must be valid. The contents of the supplied file must be valid. If Trigplayer does not recognise the supplied format, the Triglet will not be added.
ITRIG_AcceptTriglet() takes ownership of the supplied file. The supplied file will be renamed (moved) into a directory controlled by Trigplayer. The caller does not need to attempt to delete the file, either following the call or at any later stage.
Triglets are identified by a TrigletID contained inside the supplied resource. If the Trig already has a Triglet associated with that ID, then the existing Triglet will be released before this, new, replacement is inserted.
If the existing Triglet that is being released was supplied using the ITRIG_AcceptTriglet() method, then the resource file associated with the old Triglet will be deleted. If the existing Triglet was supplied using ITRIG_ReferenceTriglet() then only the reference to the old resource file will be removed.
[in] Pointer to the ITrig interface object
[in] Path in the filesystem to the triglet the caller wishes to have accepted into the list of active resource files.
  •    int AcceptTriglet (ITrig* node, const char* path);
  •    SUCCESS            - The triglet was accepted and the contained Resource file
                            was successfully added to the path list
       EVERSIONNOTSUPPORT - The supplied resource file had a version
                            that was not supported by this Trig        
       EFAILED            - The supplied triglet was unacceptable in some fashion
Side Effect
  • None