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Items marked as deprecated have been replaced by a more powerful, alternative feature. Deprecated interfaces include a reference to the replacement interface, which should be used for all new application development. Deprecated features are still supported for backward compatibility, but should be avoided when developing new applications.
Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
Called by Trigplayer when all the children of the current node have been inserted. This will happen either when the element close is detected during the parse, or when explicitly called from LUA script.
Every loaded extension is notified for every element whose child list is completed. You should return SUCCESS if there is no action for your extension to take for this element. In particular, you can always ignore this notification for any non-container element.
  • po
    A pointer to an ITrigmlExtension object.
  • node
    A pointer to the element whose children are complete.
   int ITRIGMLEXTENSION_ChildrenComplete(ITrigmlExtension* po, ITrigmlElement* node);
   A BREW error code.
Side Effect
This notification exists for elements that contain other elements and have action that they need to take when all the child elements are present. For example, can't process any s until it has all of them.
You may also wish to use this notification for containers that have complicated layout requirements. For example, doesn't call IGRIDCONTAINER_SetGridDescriptors() until it receives this notification, because although it could choose to do so during the call to ITRIGMLEXTENSION_ChildInserted(), this would mean that the grid container was invalidated multiple times during a single Trigml parse.
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