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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
Posts a TrigmlEvent to the Trigplayer.
A pointer to an ITrigplayerEx object.
The event to post.
TRUE to queue the event behind other pending events, and FALSE to force the event to be processed before ITRIGPLAYEREX_PostEvent() returns. This is equivalent to the queue attribute of , and as with , you should always queue the event unless you are sure it's not what you want. Even if queued, the event will be probably be processed before the function returns, and will definitely be processed before the next redraw.
Pass TRUE to force Trigplayer to perform layout after queueing or processing the event. Since Trigplayer will perform layout after all queued events are processed, this is only necessary if you are posting the event from a call location outwith Trigplayer's knowledge (e.g. from a timer expiry callback). If Trigplayer invoked you in the first place, it already knows to perform layout when you're finished, so just pass FALSE.

  •    void ITRIGPLAYEREX_PostEvent(ITrigplayerEx* po, const TrigmlEvent* pEvent, boolean queue, boolean forceLayout);
  •    None.
Side Effect
  • None
This method either appends a TrigmlEvent to Trigplayer's event queue, or processes the event synchronously. The TrigmlEvent must be fully initialised by the caller. Regardless of whether the event is queued, the event will be processed before the next redraw. The event is sent to the resource identified by the target path in the event. This path can identify any VFS node, possibly an actor or a Trigml element. To just send an event to a particular Trigml element, it may be easier to call ITRIGMLELEMENT_HandleEvent() instead. Use this method with care; it is primarily intended for internal use.