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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- Model Events
- ITypedValueModel_SetValue()
- ITypedValueModel_SetText()
This function changes the AECHAR text stored in a value model.
  • pif
    Pointer to the ITypedValueModel interface object.
  • wstr
    Pointer to the text to be stored into the value model.
  • wstrlen
    The length of the text to be stored into the value model.
   AEEResult ITypedValueModel_SetTextPtr(ITypedValueModel *pif, AECHAR const *wstr, int wstrlen) 
   AEE_SUCCESS             : On success.
   Error code              : Otherwise.
Side Effect
Changing the text stored in the value model by calling ITypedValueModel_SetTextPtr() will cause the model to send an EVT_MDL_VALUE ModelEvent to any object that has registered as a listener with the model.
ITypedValueModel_SetText() calls ITypedValueModel_SetValue().
The value model is not responsible for freeing the memory occupied by the text. Callers may not use a custom PFNTVALUEFREE callback to free the memory occupied by the text.
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