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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
IUSBEndpointPort1, IUSBInterface

Generic interface for creating USB devices. The main data transfers across the USB bus are done through the IUSBEndpointPort1 interface that the IUSBDevice inherits from or with objects retrieved from IUSBDevice_ConstructEndpoint. The IUSBEndpointPort1 that this interface inherits from represents the control channel zero endpoint.
The user of this API must be familiar with the USB 2.0 specification, available at http://www.usb.org. The user of this API is required to handle all of the USB standard request.
The basic use of this API would be as follows:
- Create an IUSBDevice object
- Create and register a signal with IUSBDevice_Readable.
- Construct all applicible endpoints with IUSBDevice_ConstructEndpoint.
- Register Readable/Writeable signals with each endpoint as needed.
- Set the device state to AEEUSBDEVICE_STATE_OPENED using IUSBDevice_SetState
- Respond to both control and endpoint transfers correctly.