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Brew MP 1.0.2
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- IModel Interface
IValueModel is inherited from the IModel interface and is used to model data that can be represented in arbitrarily complex forms. For example, a thermometer that measures temperature in absolute values could be modeled using IValueModel to represent degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade as a simple integer. A more complex illustration of a value model could be a personnel record extracted from a company database. The record might include fields for an employee's name, office number, extension, or even a bitmapped photo. In this case, the value model would store an entire data structure.
The interface provides object reference counting mechanisms that allow objects to manage their own memory instances. In addition, the interface provides APIs for registering a listener with a value model, as well as interfaces for manipulating the data represented by the model.
See IModel usage. In addition to APIs that are supported by IModel, IValueModel provides APIs for getting and setting values associated with the model.